Freedom Road Travel

Freedom Road Travel

Freedom Road Travel

Shop 5, 324 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

 Phone:      1800 219 156
 Primary Contact:     Lisa Blondeau


Travel and events management is not your core business, but it is ours. At Freedom Road Travel, we want to help you focus on your core business. Let us sweat the details that go into crafting a seamless and successful travel experience.

Personable, proactive client service is the heart of our company. As your organisation’s corporate travel managers, our dedicated Travel Consultants act as an extension of your company, working to save you time, money, and stress.

With the latest in travel booking and management technology, we track and provide comprehensive reports on all your travel and budgetary needs, from the corporate to the individual employee level. With experienced on-the-ground support, we ensure that things run smoothly from before the beginning to after the end.

Whether you are jet-setting to multiple client meetings, attending a conference, or celebrating your staff and partners, we understand that logistics are the invisible lynchpin. We want to blow past your expectations without blowing your budget. Stakeholder peace of mind and attendee satisfaction are our top priority, so your top priority can be your business and enjoying your trip.